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Lip Fillers Brisbane

Augmentation and injectable fillers to define your lips

Many women desire more sensual or voluptuous lips. Additionally, many women, and a growing number of men, are looking for more lip definition.

Ageing and genetics play a big part in the size of your lips. Over time, your lips change. They become thinner, begin to flatten and vertical lines emerge from regular lip movement. Soft dermal fillers are a treatment designed to enhance or restore volume, lip definition and hydration in your lips. Made from a naturally occurring complex sugar, the injectable gel fills and plumps up yourlip area.

In addition to dermal fillers, dermal injections may be used to help roll the lips upwards. Depending upon your facial structure and desired outcome, the doctor will choose the right dermal filler or combination of dermal filler and dermal injections.

Balance is key, so your cosmetic physician will carefully study your facial anatomy to find the right balance for your face shape, size and contours. The lips, perhaps more than any other facial feature, are where the cosmetic physician’s artistry, training and expertise come into play.

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The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery
The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery
Certified in Cosmetic Medicine
Certified in Cosmetic Medicine

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I am very happy with Dr Ranka. Staff was also supportive and efficient. Strongly recommend. Very easy to find and park.


I have had multiple treatments done, Dr Ranka is always so lovely and helpful. Very educated. Have been going back for years.


When it comes to cosmetic medicine you need to know that the person you are seeing is experienced and professional . Dr Ranka is someone whom I trust and I feel confident recommending. She listens to my concerns and I never feel rushed . I look forward to my appointments because not only is DrRanka a wonderful Doctor and such a caring person.


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